Wine Tasting 2019

Great Red Wines 2019, Athens

Great Red Wines 2019, arrives on November 24 at the Hotel Grande Bretagne. For another year, the journey to the magical world […]


Wine Tasting Ossian Vides y Vinos, Athens

Ossian Vides y Vinos Wine Tasting in Athens at the Wine Library of Hotel Grande Bretagne. The Hotel Grande Bretagne and its […]


Sofitel Wine Days 2019, Athens

The Sofitel Athens Airport once again participates in the Sofitel Wine Days 2019 with special menus and wine-tasting evenings. Sofitel Wine Days […]


Voroina 2019, Thessaloniki

Voroina 2019 in Thessaloniki Event of a tasty tasting of wines and spirits of the northern Greek Vineyard with the participation of […]

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