Wine Tasting

Wine For The People

Wine For The People at BACKYARD. Wine lovers, beginners, wine gigs, wine enthusiasts of all Athens unite! Wine For The People begins! […]


Voroina Elevated 2022

Voroina Elevated 2022 at the Mediterranean Palace. How about an event for the presentation and tasting of fine wines in Thessaloniki, with […]


Moschopolis 6 Vertical Testing

Moschopolis 6 Vertical Testing on Retro Gastro. After the beginning was made now we do not stop with anything .. Saturday, June […]


Wine Tasting Assyrtiko Nemea

Wine tasting Assyrtiko Nemea at Nemea Wine Land. Assyrtiko, the [assyrtiko]: rare wine dialect that is “spoken” widely on the island of […]


Patras Wine Fair 2022

In Patras, on 20/03/2020, 11.00 – 20.00, the Patras Wine Fair will be exhibition and tasting for the 2nd consecutive time. More […]


Peloponnese Wine Festival Athens 2022

Peloponnese Wine Festival Athens 2022 at the Royal Olympic Hotel. The Peloponnese Wine Festival, the main wine event of the Peloponnesian vineyard, […]


First Sunday of the month at Kokotou Estate

First Sunday of the month at Kokotou Estate A two-hour program for the whole family at Kokotou Estate in Stamata on Sunday, […]

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