Wine Events Thessaloniki

5th Rosé Grand Tasting 2024

5th Rosé Grand Tasting 2024 at Makedonia Palace Hotel. Wine Plus is preparing the 5th Rosé Grand Tasting @Thessaloniki, a truly ‘big’ […]


Red ageing wines

Red ageing wines at The Met Hotel. Enjoying a perfectly aged, wonderfully rounded, complex wine is a supreme, divine moment for any […]


Hiking and Wine Tourism

Hiking and Wine tourism on the river of Epanomi. On November 12, the European Wine Tourism Day is celebrated. After last year’s […]


Getting to know the World of Wine

Getting to know the world of wine at The Met Hotel. It’s never too late to start touring the charming wine world. […]


Thessaloniki Wine Show 2023

THESSALONIKI WINE SHOW 2023 at HELEXPO. The most important wine exhibition of spring, THESSALONIKI WINE SHOW returns to Thessaloniki and invites us […]


Christmas Voroina 2022

Christmas Voroina 2022 Christmas Voroina at Electra Palace Thessaloniki. On Monday, December 12, the “Voroina of Christmas”, the most glamorous and festive […]


Voroina Elevated 2022

Voroina Elevated 2022 at the Mediterranean Palace. How about an event for the presentation and tasting of fine wines in Thessaloniki, with […]


Thessaloniki Wine Show 2022

THESSALONIKI WINE SHOW 2022 at the Port of Thessaloniki. The newest idea in the presentation of wine is coming to Thessaloniki! Sunday […]


Katerini Wineries in Thessaloniki

The Wineries of Katerini in Ypsilon in Thessaloniki Wine Style and the Municipality of Katerini present for the first time to the […]

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