Thessaloniki Wine Festival

Thessaloniki Wine Show 2024

Thessaloniki Wine Show 2024 at the Pavilion of Nations. The most important wine exhibition of spring, THESSALONIKI WINE SHOW returns to Thessaloniki. […]


Thessaloniki Wine Selfie 2023

Thessaloniki Wine Selfie 2023 in Thessaloniki. Sunday 24 & Monday 25 September 2023 Warehouse C’ at the Port of Thessaloniki . . […]


Φυσικά Fysika 2022

The new wine exhibition Φυσικά Fysika 2022 at the YMCA. 1 day, 38 wineries, 80 wines. Φυσικά Fysika is a celebration for […]


Thessaloniki Wine Selfie 2022

Thessaloniki Wine Selfie 2022 in Thessaloniki. Warehouse C’ at the Port of Thessaloniki… It is flooded with Wine! THESSALONIKI WINE SELFIE returns […]

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