Nemea Wine Event

Great Nemea Days 2023

Great Nemea Days 2023 They will take place on September 1-3, 2023, in Nemea, Corinthia. The events will start at 8.30 pm […]


Tags station in zone PDO vol.1

Tags station in the PDO zone vol.1 in the tasting room of the Nemea Winemakers Association. 6 labels that, for different reasons, […]


Agiorgitiko in meetings… top – Syrah

Agiorgitiko in meetings… peak in the tasting room of the Wisdom of Nature. We try 3 labels of the famous French variety […]


Peloponnese Wine Tasting

The varieties of the Peloponnese in Nemea Wine Land. 6 labels from 6 Peloponnesian varieties at the sight of 6 Nemean winemakers. […]

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