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2nd Thessaly Wines and Spirits Festival

Μύλος Ματσόπουλου Κλεινού 10, Τρίκαλα, Greece

2nd Thessaly Wines and Spirits Festival, on the weekend of May 11 & 12, at Matsopoulou Mill, Trikala. The 2nd Festival of […]

Dramoinognosia 2024

Δράμα Δράμα

Dramoinognosia 2024 9th Drama Wine Festival! Dramoinognosia is a game of flavors, aromas, colors and timbre. It is a real celebration that […]

1st Kavala Wine Festival

SIMEONIDIS Estate - Κτήμα Συμεωνίδη Ελαιοχώρι

1st Kavala Wine Festival The first two-day festival starring wine for Kavala is a fact! The first Wine Festival "Kavala Wine Festival" […]