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Wine and Hiking in Vermio

Nov 13, 2022 @ 7:00 am - 6:00 pm | 25€

Wine and Hiking on Mount Vermio.

The excursion that was established and loved by all of you!

On Mount Vermio, in a highly autumnal landscape in the prefecture of Imathia, the next hiking excursion of the Tracers. A hiking route that will impress you by the unique color palette that is currently being created in the forest of firs, chestnuts, arbutuses, beeches and pines!

We will also participate in the European Wine Tourism Day conducted by the Association of Wine Producers of Northern Greece, with a visit to the Kir Yianni winery https://kiryianni.gr/el/ Giannakohori, Naoussa, with a guided tour and a free wine tasting!
Because wine is culture!


Sunday 13/11
Departure from Thessaloniki 7.00am.

Meeting point Aristotelous square with Egnatia [Statue of Venizelos].
Everyone should be present in time for us to depart on time. There will be a stop at the one salonica [In the parking lot] at 7.10am for those Tracers who live west of the city.
Our destination is Mount Vermio a few kilometers before 3-5 Pigadia.
Our route will start from the area of Gournosovo to Vathres and the village of Drazilovo, i.e. today’s Metamorfosi.

We will hike through an impressive beech forest with unique autumn colors in nature.
A “painting” of rare beauty.
We will admire the waterfalls, and the beautiful pedestals while at the same time we will see the area where the guerrilla kitchens of 1941 were located, and the point where there was the wooden bridge through which passed the famous Decoville train that carried timber and was built by the French company of the same name in 1910.

Hiking hours 3.30
Degree of difficulty B [Moderate]
In Metamorfosi, our bus will be waiting for us

Then we will be transferred to Ktima Kir-Yianni, where we will have the opportunity for a unique tour of the winery while we will also have the opportunity to taste the unique wines of the estate for free!
Depending on the time we will have, we will stop for coffee in Naoussa!
Arrival in Thessaloniki in the afternoon.
For the best organization of your excursion please register in time!
Call us on 6949 650 300, or send us a message on Facebook or via email at info@traceyoureco.gr
Contact us, check availability of seats, register your participation and then make the payment deposit online or through a bank.
Help us by contributing positively to the most effective organization of our excursions by registering and paying the price on time.
Participation Cost 25 euros


  • Transportation from Thessaloniki by bus and return.
  • Escorted on our hike by 2 experienced mountain guides, Trace executives with international first aid certification!
  • Coordination and organization by Trace Your Eco

Those interested in participating should arrange their registration by paying the full amount [25 ευρώ] to the account below.
Account number 6667140723874
IBAN GR 7901716670006667140723874
[BeneficiaryTrace Your Eco] Piraeus Bank.
In the deposit fill in the comments your name and the name of the excursion!
For deposits from other banks the fees are borne by the depositor and not by Trace Your Eco.
Please ensure the smooth completion of your booking.
Refunds in case of cancellation by the participant are made only if the cancellation is notified to Trace Your Eco at least 4 days before the start of the activity. Otherwise, they are not refundable or offset with a subsequent excursion.
Refunds are made electronically to Piraeus Bank without interchange fees. In case you wish to return to another bank the costs will be borne by you.


  • Good pair of shoes for walking (Mountaineering boots-the good mountain Trail sneakers]
  • Hiking sticks -Baton [Optional]
  • A small backpack for personal belongings on hikes.
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Bottle of water (minimum 1.5 liter)
  • Dried fruits, energy bar-chocolate-nuts-pasteli)
  • Camera, appetite for walking and good mood.
  • Hand sanitizer-Face mask for the bus

Taking seriously into account the necessary precautionary measures that are currently imposed on every group excursion, we move on!
With the new conditions, we will have to comply with the instructions of the competent bodies, in order to be able to protect and protect our fellow travelers!
For this reason, we will implement everything else mentioned in the relevant JMD (Joint Ministerial Decision).
We stay safe… go mountain with Trace Your Eco !

Participants automatically recognize and declare by participating in the activity that they do not have a health problem that creates an impediment to participation. Each participant bears full responsibility and assumes individual responsibility for their participation in the activity, accepting the risks it poses as well as the responsibility for my safety.
The program can be modified if there are reasons of safety of the team or due to weather conditions. Participants are obliged to obey the instructions of the leader-escort throughout the excursion. Each participant bears sole and full responsibility for his participation in the excursion.
Participants allow photos and videos taken during the excursion to be used for promotional and advertising purposes.
They also consent to the collection, registration and storage of their requested personal data, in order to provide a perfect service by Trace Your Eco and to inform about future organized excursions and activities. All data are kept in strict confidentiality and security, while each participant has the ability to immediately request the cessation of the collection of their personal data, as well as the permanent deletion of what has been collected by Trace Your Eco.

With your participation, it is agreed to follow basic rules for the environmentally friendly conduct of the activity and the reduction of possible negative effects on it.
You travel responsibly and ensure zero ecological footprint in any natural environment you visit. Show respect for biodiversity and at any opportunity help prevent and / or reverse a negative impact on nature (eg collection of forgotten garbage from others).
Especially when you are in a national park, it is forbidden to rupture any (organic and non-organic) waste.
Avoid creating a fire as well as throwing any object (cigarette, match, lighter, etc.) that may cause fire immediately or in a second time.
Visiting nature is for many an opportunity to enjoy the quietness and beauty of nature. That’s why we respect the rest of the travelers and the natural inhabitants of the area (wild animals and people).
Each action we organize tries to help support areas working to develop a model of local sustainable tourism development.
For more information contact us via
phone +30 6949 650 300 (viber + whatsapp)
in email: info@traceyoureco.gr