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Vorina at Modiano Market 2023

Oct 20, 2023 | 10€

Vorina at Modiano Market 2023.

The VorWines of Thessaloniki, our favorite VorOina, this year at the Modiano Market!

If there is one wine event in Greece that has been so loved, it is VorOina in Thessaloniki in autumn. It became popular from Aristotelous Square and then moved to Pier 1 at the Port of Thessaloniki and became one of its most cult representative images.

The event “VorOina”, a play on the words “north” and “wine”, has been the pinnacle of wine and spirits tasting events of the association “Winemakers of Northern Greece”, since 2004.

This year, for the first time, the event is transferred to the heart of the historic center of Thessaloniki and even to a place whose long course is intertwined with its gastronomy, the Modiano Market.

Because wine is an integral element of the gastronomy and cuisine of a place, as well as its culture.

On Friday, October 20, the Modiano Market will host on its panoramic balcony the “VorOina” with the tables of the “Winemakers of Northern Greece” where the public will have the opportunity to taste the richness of the northern Greek vineyard.

30 top wineries from Macedonia and Epirus, members of the association “Winemakers of Northern Greece” participate in “VorOina” with a multitude of wines, creations from special vineyards, indigenous and international varieties, which are the best expressions of the PDO and PGI categories of Northern Greece.

Wines, white, rosé, red, young or aged, different styles such as orange or limited intervention, organic, experimental, dry, sparkling, sweet, but also wine spirits, are included in the multitude of labels where visitors of Vorinos are invited to taste.

The event “VorOina” is organized by the office of the association “Winemakers of Northern Greece” exclusively for its members themselves and is addressed both to professionals of catering and wine distribution, as well as to consumers.

Above all, however, it is addressed to those who love the branded Greek wine and wish to get to know it through the creations of top winemakers.

It is worth noting that the association “Winemakers of Northern Greece” completes its 30 years of operation this year, having offered every possible value to the creation, development and promotion of “branded Greek wine”, in Greece and abroad.