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Photography Seminar & Guided Tour of the Queen’s Tower

Sep 24, 2023 @ 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm | 28€

Photography Seminar & Guided Tour of the Queen’s Tower

Photography seminar under the guidance of award-winning photographer Fanis Mourtou. You will learn in practice how to create beautiful images. You will enjoy the guided tour of the unique Tower, the estate and the vineyard of Queen Amalia in Ilion. You will get to know the Greek wine through the tasting of the wines of the estate.


  • experiential photography seminar by Fanis Mourtos
  • guided tour of the unique Tower of Queen Amalia and Otto, which is a national monument of Greece’s recent history, the vineyard and the winery
  • tasting of the organic wines of the estate accompanied by green pie, cheeses etc

More information: https://fanismourtos.wixsite.com/fstoppluswine/pyrgos
Registrations by email: photo@fanismourtos.gr, info@pyrgosvasilissis.gr
or tel.: 693 6816466, 210 2313607

What I will learn: you will be initiated into the basic principles of photography. We will refer to theory but focus mainly on practical application. You will improve your technique with meaningful guidance. We will focus on what makes a photo interesting and aesthetically perfect.
No prior knowledge is required for monitoring.

It is addressed to: every friend of photography, regardless of their level of knowledge, who wishes to improve their technique and anyone who loves good wine.
Priority will be given in case of high participation.

What you will need: comfortable clothes and walking shoes. Your photographic equipment and your camera’s user manual.