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Patras Wine Fair 2022

Mar 20, 2022 @ 11:00 am - 8:00 pm

In Patras, on 20/03/2020, 11.00 – 20.00, the Patras Wine Fair will be exhibition and tasting for the 2nd consecutive time. More than 60 small and large wineries, both locally and from the rest of Greece, will participate in the exhibition. The public will have the opportunity to taste and explore wine all over the country.

The aim of the exhibition
is the cultivation of the wine culture of the region, the promotion of local quality products of high added value, as well as the acquaintance of the public with the wineries.

Along with the exhibition, gastronomy activities will take place with innovative approaches to dishes with emphasis on local products, Food & Wine pairing, Cooking classes – shows & seminars, by chef and sommelier.

During the exhibition, in selected hours, the cooking department of IEK Delta 360 of Patras, under the guidance of chef Harry Axiotis, will present at their booth various gastronomic proposals.

Realization address,
Antheias 38, P.C. 26333, Patras, Behind ABEX, in the historical facilities of the Union of Agricultural Cooperatives of PATRAS – Patraiki 1918.

Participating wineries:

1. Achaion Winery (Aigialeia), 2. Mega Spilaio Estate (Cavino, Aigialeia), 3. Domaine Gerovassiliou (Macedonia), 4. Biblia Chora Estate (Macedonia), 5. Domaine Two Heights (Ilia)

6. Mikra Thira Estate (Santorini). 7. M20 Winery (Aigialeia), 8. Fourth Generation – Economopoulos (Achaia), 9. Rouvalis Winery (Aigialeia), 10. Kir-Yianni Estate (Naoussa), 11. Sigalas Estate (Santorini), 12. Grampsa Estate (Zakynthos), 13. Gidiaris Winery (Achaia), 14. Spyropoulos Estate (Nemea), 15. Zoinos Zitsa Winery (Ioannina), 16. Koukos Winery (Achaia), 17. Pyrgaki Estate (Nemea), 19. Papastamatopoulos Winery (Achaia), 20. Tetramythos Winery (Aigialeia), 21. Monemvasia Winery (Laconia), 22. Barafakas Winery (Nemea), 23. Hadjigeorgiou Estate (Kavala), 24. Zafeirakis Estate (Tirnavos), 25. Avantis Estate (Evia), 26. Dourakis Winery (Crete), 27. Gavalas Winery (Santorini), 28. Anhydrous Winery (Santorini)
29. Patraiki 1918 (Achaia), 30. Kostas Lazaridis Estate (Drama), 31. Karakaxa Malagouzia – Kordas Family (Achaia) , 32. KATSIBERIS WINERY (Represented by Siampani Maria – oenological chemistry), 33. KATRIVESI WINERY – Katr Vin (Represented by Siampani Maria – oenological chemistry), 34. BOUHELOS WINERY – DYMAIA GI (Representation by Siampani Maria – oenological chemistry), 35. Parparousi Winery (Achaia), 36. Kanakari Winery (Aigialeia), 37. Gerard Bertrand – Cotes des Roses, 38. PAPAGIANNAKOU ESTATE (Attica), 39. APOSTOLAKIS ESTATE (Thessaly), 40. IDEA WINERY (Crete), 41. OUSYRA WINERY (Syros), 42. Familia Torres

43. FREIXENET Cava, 44. Rira Vineyards (Aigialeia), 45. Kissa Estate (Diminio of Corinthia), 46. Anastasia Frangou Winery (Attica), 47. Estate D. Migas (Tirnavos), 48. ORALIOS EARTH (KEFALONIA), 49. Hadjigeorgiou Estate of Lemnos, 50. Rapti Estate (Nemea), 51. Goumas Estate Winery (Zakynthos), 52. Papantonis Winery (Argos), 53. Mercouri Estate (Ilia), 54. Nestor Winery (Messinia), 55. Athanasiou Winery (Nemea), 56. Vegoritis Winery (Amyntaio), 57. BODEGA MATSU Winery (Spain), 58. Orfanos Estate (Achaia), 59. Spyropoulos Family Distillery, 60. Edanos Winery (Aigialeia), 61. Adam Wines (Macedonia), 62. Kostopoulos Winery (Erymanthos – Achaia), 64. Boutari Wineries

Tickets are only online at the link: https://patraswinefair.gr/

Patras Wine Club

Sponsors of the exhibition are:

DUP – Design Under Pressure – Graphic design services, IEK Delta 360, Cork Hellas – DIAM – Kokkalidis Bros, Paperplain Studio, PhotoBoothink, The Wine Connoisseurs, Patras Discovery, Aqua Carpatica, Boat Parking Patras Makris

Catering Sponsors:

Vanilla Submarine, Restaurant Tomo’s Open Kitchen Bar, Eleven PUB, Mezedotechnion

Sponsor of gastronomy activities:

Miele Patras

Media sponsors:
Wineeventsgreece.com, Patras Events, Oinologia.gr, My map and his backpack, The Crunchy Grape

Patras Wine Fair
Tel. 6907637635
email. patraswinefair@gmail.com