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Oinoxenia 2023

Aug 19, 2023 - Sep 3, 2023

Oinoxenia 2023 in Aigialeia.

The Oinoxenia Festival of 2023 from August 19 to September 3, anniversary of 10 years of continuous actions, aspires to leave a deeper developmental imprint of quality and sustainable development.

The Oinoxenia Quality Network, the Municipality of Aigialeia through DIKEPA, the Region of Western Greece, Achaia Development SA, the Chamber of Achaia, the Konstantakopoulos Foundation from Costa Navarino as well as the Koutsocheras Foundation, the Regional Union of Municipalities of Western Greece and the Municipality of Kalavryta join forces and support the great Festival of Achaia and Northern Peloponnese. With Aigio as its geographical center, the Festival expands in concentric circles, west and east, bringing to the surface the unique landscapes from the Corinthian Gulf to the mountainous vineyards and Kalavryta, while focusing on the wine of the slopes of Aigialeia it extends to the other quality products of the wider region, the “diamonds” foods (PDO / PGI) of the Region of Western Greece.

Major sponsors are companies in the wine sector as well as local companies to be announced soon. The major sponsor is Olympia Odos, which as the main artery of the Northern Peloponnese leads visitors safely across the densely populated and dynamic Aigialeia.

The Management Body of the Festival (which consists, by unanimous decision of the Municipal Council of Aigialeia, of members of the Quality Network “OINOXENIA”, members of DIKEPA and personalities of the field) proceeds to synergies with people and companies of communication and tourism in order to make the area better known and create an image of quality through the Festival. The first group of tour operators’ and taste journalists will be in the region by the end of June.

The festival starts with the “Musical Stairs” and will end in Kalavryta with a “pilgrimage” visit to the largest and oldest vineyard in Greece, the vineyard of Pausanias in the village of Pagrati in Kalavryta. Among its events, which will be announced in their entirety at the end of June, is a Two-Day Theme Park-Symposium (a celebration of Knowledge and Entertainment as mentioned by the organizers), a great tribute to the great and late cook and writer Evi Voutsina, who passed away in 2013, but who managed and founded with her cooking and her presentation on the Culture of the daily diet the beginning of Oinoxenia. The event will be held in collaboration with the leading magazine “Gastronomos” of Kathimerini.

Also, two of the most representative events of the past decade of the Wine Houses were decided by the organizers to be reorganized as an honorary recognition: The musical concert “Of Wine and Love” by Sakis Papadimitriou with Vasilis Lekkas will be heard at the Ancient Theater in Aigeira and the great performance of the Harvest by the Dance Workshop of Aigio at the open-air theater George Pappas with the great clarinet artist D. Filippides and his orchestra.

Many other events such as every year will take place in wineries, vineyards, restaurants, hostels members of the Network but also other small events, paintings, walks, archaeological tours, master classes etc.

In the Municipality of Kalavryta, two events will take place in vineyards in Syrracho Doumenes-Mamousia and Mega Spilaio, while in the city of Kalavryta a workshop for professionals, hoteliers of the area, film screening, wine dinner and master class.

For the first time this year, “Oinoxeneia News” will be released from August 1st, which will be available throughout the wider region and will inform visitors about the events of the Wine Houses and many other interesting topics (such as suggested routes, dining points, guesthouses, etc.).

An office of the Wine Houses operates daily at the emblematic Panagiotopoulos building in the center of Aigio, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., by DIKEPA and the Oinoxenia Quality Network.