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Masterclass of Roditis Wine & Sideritis Patras

Apr 13, 2022 @ 7:30 pm | 35€

Wine knowledge Masterclass of Roditis and Sideritis wine in Patras, with the oenologist Tasos Drosiadis.

After a short pause from our last live wine tasting in November due to an increase in cases, we are gradually returning, to a relatively normal rhythm for the events, around wine!

This time we give a platform to our country and the local varieties that have not received similar recognition in the region! We managed to unearth excellent versions of labels with unique characteristics, to try them and change your mind about these 2 varieties as well as about the diverse Achaean Terroir.

During the wine tasting masterclass, we will examine the behavior of the Achaean varieties of Roditis and Sideritis, and their expressions in the Achaean terroir. We will look at them in terms of:

  • The cultivation areas (Western Aigialeia, Central Aigialeia, Eastern Aigialeia, Western Achaia)
  • The different styles of vinification (Classical Vinification, Natural Wines, Rosé monovarietal versions, Sparkling, Oragne and aging prospects)

At the same time, several labels will be tested, from almost all wineries in the region, divided by region, variety and style of vinification.

The presentation will be made by the consultant oenologist Tasos Drosiadis.