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Great Red Wines 2023

Nov 18, 2023 | 50€

Great Red Wines 2023 at Pyrgos Petreza (Spata).

Top wineries from all over Greece and importers of foreign wines present great red wines to the oenophile public in Pyrgos Petreza.

This year is the 9th year that top wineries in the country and abroad present their best red wines at the exhibition “Great Red Wines” to be held on November 18 in Pyrgos Petreza (Spata).

The event is particularly popular among wine tasters, as it is a rare opportunity to taste in one day many high-value red wines, Greek and foreign. Particularly with regard to the Greek vineyard, the interest of gourmets focuses on the fact that many wineries present their best recent vintage red wine (this year, in general, 2020) with the same wine from an older vintage, i.e. aged, often more than ten years old. In other words, those who collect wines for aging have the opportunity to taste and then choose red Greek wines for their cellar.

35 Greek and 40 foreign wineries participate in the “Great Red Wines” through their representatives, with wines from France, Italy, Spain, the USA and Argentina. Both Greek and foreign wines, a total of 190 labels, are of top quality with ratings from the most famous wine critics, most of them between %-98%, reaching in some cases the “perfect” 100%.

Of course, the two regions-lighthouses of red wine production of the country, Nemea and Naoussa, have their honor, with 12 and 19 labels respectively, while this year Tuscany is the honored area of the international vineyard with 12 labels, among them the emblematic Sassicaia, Tenuta San Guido and Ornellaia. From France stand out great Bordeaux, such as Château Latour and Margaux and rare wines of Burgundy such as Vosne-Romanée of Domaine de Montille and Morey Saint Denis of Clos de Tart Grand Cru Monopole. The oldest Greek wine is Amethyst 1997 from Ktima Costa Lazaridis in Drama and the oldest foreign, Guado al Tasso of Antinori, vintage 2006.

The entrance fee to the event is 50€ and concerns a ticket (20€) and a bundle of 10 coupons (30€, 3€/coupon). Coupons are redeemed at exhibitors’ stands for wines that due to rarity and high to particularly high prices require financial participation for their tasting. As a rule, Greek wines of current vintage, like some aged, do not require additional participation in expenses. In total, over 70 wines do not require a voucher to taste them. The number of coupons per 50ml dose is listed in the informative catalogue of the event, extrapolated to the average retail price of wine in Greece. More coupons for more tests are available for those who wish. The special test bench requires a 10€ cash deposit, which is refunded upon return.

The wine tastings are accompanied by an ephemeral (“pop-up”) restaurant in Pyrgos Petrezas with a menu by chef Miltiadis Kioukas inspired by the cuisine of French bistros, on the occasion of the arrival in Greece two days before the exhibition, of the Bojolet Nouveau wines that will be available for consumption there. In fact, after the end of the exhibition, the restaurant will host a “Beaujolais Party” with live French music.

More information about the wines, the operation of the exhibition, the restaurant and the celebration of Bojolet Nouveau, at: www.fineredwines.gr.

This year, Berlin Packaging supports the event once again | Coropoulis Packaging as gold sponsor of the exhibition. Official water is the carbonated natural mineral water DOUMPIA, in recognition of the effort made to establish in high catering a soft sparkling mineral water. We also welcome once again as a sponsor of culinary delight the cheese deli PROVENCE DELI of George Kyriakopoulos and the SACHINIDIS bakery that produces excellent crackers that go perfectly with red wine. Media sponsors are the wellness website FNL and GAPE magazine.

Organisation: Vinetum, 210 766 0560, info@vinetum.gr