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Φυσικά Fysika 2022

Nov 6, 2022 @ 1:00 pm - 9:00 pm | €12

The new wine exhibition Φυσικά Fysika 2022 at the YMCA.

1 day, 38 wineries, 80 wines.

Φυσικά Fysika is a celebration for those who love wine.

Within a day you will taste 80 wines of minimal or zero interventions, from 38 Greek producers.

Their wines are organic, biodynamic with little or no additives. They are pure, environmentally friendly and above all very tasty!

We passionately love the Greek vineyard and the people who work in any way to promote it.

Φυσικά Fysika 2022 wants to promote Greek wines that come from small wineries and producers with good practices towards the earth, the environment and man but above all it wants to highlight the really good wine.

The wine exhibition will take place 2 times a year, in autumn in Thessaloniki and in spring in Athens.

In addition to a wine day, Φυσικά Fysika 2022 wants to create a community of people who produce, drink, love or deal in any way with wine grown in a clean environment, without additives, synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, where plants and land bloom.

We believe that by bringing together people who share common values, our efforts are united and a better world, both wine and non-wine, is possible.