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Dramoinognosia 2024

May 11 - May 19

Dramoinognosia 2024

9th Drama Wine Festival!

Dramoinognosia is a game of flavors, aromas, colors and timbre. It is a real celebration that unfolds from the vineyards in the countryside to the restaurants, the entertainment hangouts and the streets of the city, always focusing on wine!

A call for the visitor to familiarize himself with the land of Dionysus, to be initiated into its values, to taste and become a partaker of its uniqueness.

Come again this year to the events of Dramoinognosia in Drama, the No. 1 destination of taste and wine and be initiated into the magical world of wine. Visit the famous wineries of Drama within a radius of only a few kilometers.

Get to know the process of wine production and try excellent branded labels. Party in the hangouts and streets of the city with various events of taste – wine and not only!.

Dramoinognosia: Wine taste, aftertaste of culture!