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Burgundy Wine Tasting, Athens

Dec 28, 2021 @ 7:00 pm | €70

Burgundy Wine Tasting at 360 Cocktail Bar

Burgundy is not just a great wine region but an almost elusive dream. It enjoys a spiritual dimension to the collective human imagination. A true champion of family tradition, a part of the planet where its viticulturists have been working the earth in exactly the same way for centuries. Drinking a glass of Burgundy is like aligning yourself with a number of very specific values: an Artisan, purely viticultural approach to wine production, soiled feet in the mud of the vineyard, production of culture and not just the production of luxury goods for sale. This is the extraordinary narrative of Burgundy in the face of bordeaux’s greatness.

There is no better person to convey this great narrative to you than Elias Anagnostaras, who has been living in Burgundy for years and works in the legendary company of Becky Wasserman, perhaps the greatest figure in the emergence of Burgundy and its wines.

Elias comes from the heart of Beaune to Athens, on Tuesday, December 28, to present us a unique masterclass with 12 Burgundy wines (among them Aligote- the forgotten white variety of Burgundy) by some of his most beloved producers in the famous Coted’ Or.

Mr.Vertigo bids farewell to 2021 with a sensational tasting on the 2nd floor of the 360th Cocktail Bar, 2 Hephaestus Street, in Monastiraki Square. Seats are limited so make your reservation on time. Together with Elias Anagnostaras, the tasting is coordinated by Gregory Michael DipWSET.

The wines of the tasting per flight:

  • Pierre Morey Aligoté 2019
  • Galeyrand “Alligotay” 2019
  • Pataille Aligoté “Charmes aux Prêtres” 2019 (single vineyard)
  • Pataille Marsannay Blanc 2019
  • Lamy St Aubin “La Princée” 2019
  • Pierre Morey Meursault “Les Tessons” 2019
  • Pataille Bourgogne Rouge 2019
  • Galeyrand “Antonin Rouge” 2019
  • Pierre Morey Monthelie Rouge 2019
  • Pataille Marsannay “Clos du Roy” 2019
  • Galeyrand Fixin “Champs de Charmes” 2019
  • Pierre Morey Volnay “SantenotsPremier cru” 2017